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The USPS's Every Door Direct Mail service gives you the power of a bulk mailer campaign at a fraction of the cost. Attracting new clients and earning more local business with direct mailing has never been easier. There's no need for expensive mailing lists, variable addressing or even going to the post office. All you need is a print-ready file, an area to target and a few minutes to place your EDDM order. We will bring your postcard mailing campaign from concept to completion.
 What Are the Benefits?    Why EDDM vs. Bulk Mailing or Email?
  • No permits, addresses or mailing lists required
  • 2-4 business day delivery once mailed
  • See instant pricing, updated in real-time as you choose your mail routes
  • First-class service, cheaper than bulk or priority
  • Mailboxes don’t have spam filters!
  • Hit every mailbox in your target area without lifting a foot
  • Great for locally focused businesses and services with mass appeal
 Is Every Door Direct Mail Right for Me?:
Does your business or organization serve a specific area? Do you offer services that the average person, homeowner, business owner, college student, etc., needs on a regular basis? Are you mobile or do you deliver within a certain area? Are you promoting an event? If you answered yes to any of these then EDDM might be the best solution for you.

Businesses, organizations and individuals of all types employ direct-mailing campaigns for various reasons. Every Door Direct Mail is the go-to option for anyone wanting to market to or communicate with average people and businesses in a specific area. Any organization with a local focus can use this powerful tool for their next direct mailing campaign. Here are some examples:
plumber-eddm pizza guy eddm real state agent eddm spa massage eddm
  • Restaurants
  • Houses of Worship
  • Construction Contractors, Plumbers, Roofers
  • Realtors
  • Gyms / Fitness Clubs
  • Banks / Loan Companies
  • Retailers
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Laundromats / Dry Cleaning
  • Spa / Massage
  • Politicians
  • Doctors / Dentists
  • Charities / Non-Profits
  • Event Promoters
Are you new in town, or looking to increase your local exposure and gain more clients and customers in your town or neighborhood? Are the costs of traditional bulk mailing, not to mention permits and lists, too high to justify? Are you trying to reach as many people as possible without spending a fortune? Are your online and other marketing avenues bringing in the wrong kind of leads? Only EDDM can solve all these problems at once, Contac Us to find more on how we can help on your next mailing project.
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